Board and Train Schools

Day School

This is a flexible way to have your dog trained. It is primarily for those who have little time to devote to training, or for those dogs proven to be too difficult for owners or other trainers. Think of it as a day school or boot camp for dogs. You will drop off your dog each morning and we will conduct 5 to 7 short training sessions throughout the day with your dog. The more repetition, the more likely the new skills will take hold. Your dog will also have opportunities to socialize (play time) with other dogs during their training day. We will take them on mini field trips to practice skills in more distracting, real world environments like parks and shopping centers.

We will work on either basic or advanced skills, contingent on your dog's demonstrated skills and your goals. The number of days required is based your dog's learning curve. All dogs in our Day School program must have completed our Basic Obedience Group Classes or any of our Board and Train Programs. Dogs can also stay at night for an additional fee.

Price: $395/10 days (transportation is included for regular times & locations; non-standard hours or locations are subject to an additional fee)

Behavior Modification Board and Train

This 3-5 week program is designed for dogs that are exhibiting dog, fear or human aggression, fear issues, anxiety, separation anxity and/or any type of biting. We use a balanced training style to accomplish the following:

• Walking properly on a leash without pulling, lunging, barking, sniffing or reacting to dogs, people or distractions
• Sit, Down, Place, Recall and Recall with Distractions
• Calm on Command - Teaching your dog to be calm in all situations without having to exercise them for hours at a time
• Dog Aggression Issues - Attacking, Biting, jumping, Bad Manners and social skills
• Separation Anxiety
• High Anxiety/Fear and the residual issues from those states of mind including biting, growling, lunging, attacking humans and/or dogs
• Human Aggression
• Reactivity Aggression
• Leadership skills with your dog so your dog understands proper pack placement
• Eliminating bad behaviors - jumping, nipping, chasing, playing keep away, on countertops, into items such as garbage, digging, shredding, chewing

The Behaviour Modification Board and Train includes 4 hours of private one-on-one training. Depending on the length of the program, the 4 hours includes a 1 hour mid-training session, 1.5 hour pick up session and a 1.5 hour follow up sessions to be scheduled at the owner's and trainer's discretion. All training sessions take place at the training center. All additional private sessions are at a rate of $80 per hour after the completion of the Board and Train Program.

Price: $2500/3 weeks or $3000/4 weeks or $3500/5 weeks | E-collar is $200-$300 if needed (depending on model chosen)

Puppy Jump Start School

2 Week Puppy Jump Start Training - This is ideal for new puppy owners! This program covers correct/age appropriate socialization, potty training, and modifying unwanted puppy behavior, and introduces obedience training concepts like; leash walking, threshold, place, and recall.

Price: $1500

Peaceful Walks

Do you struggle with your dog on walks? Are you getting pulled? Does your dog lunge, bark or react to every passing dog or person?

This class will show you how to train your dog to walk politely next to you without marking, pulling, lagging or making an embarrassing scene. You will learn and understand the concepts of thresholds, auto sits and the importance of your body language and energy. This class is Two 75 minute sessions, the first one done within our training center and the second in a real world environment. You will learn not to wait to make your walk a pleasant experience for you and your dog.

Price: $300