Doggy Day School

Day School

This is a flexible way to have your dog trained. It is primarily for those who have little time to devote to training, or for those dogs proven to be too difficult for owners or other trainers. Think of it as a day school or boot camp for dogs. You will drop off your dog each morning and we will conduct 5 to 7 short training sessions throughout the day with your dog. The more repetition, the more likely the new skills will take hold. Your dog will also have opportunities to socialize (play time) with other dogs during their training day. We will take them on mini field trips to practice skills in more distracting, real world environments like parks and shopping centers.

We will work on either basic or advanced skills, contingent on your dog's demonstrated skills and your goals. The number of days required is based your dog's learning curve. Dogs can also stay at night for an additional fee.

Price: $449/10 days (transportation is included for regular times & locations; non-standard hours or locations are subject to an additional fee)