Obedience Classes

Introductory to Basic

This group class for every beginner with a new dog. Learning how to read and understand your dog's body language, understanding the top five things you need to teach your dog to help with communication. You and your dog will begin to understand each other!


This group class is designed to help you and your dog learn and practice basic obedience training like sit, come, down, and go to bed. We’ll focus special attention on good manners like not jumping up. You will learn all the basics for getting – and keeping – your dog’s attention, even in distracting environments. We incorporate games and challenges to help make obedience less of a chore and way more fun.


This group class will build on basics transitioning to reliable off leash commands, using verbal and hand signals.


This group class is when you and your dog become one. All forms of obedience are done off leash.


Please see more information on our Board and Train Schools page.

Price: $140/4 pack