Puppy Class

Someday they’ll grow up. Just not yet. In puppy class, you’ll learn how to address housebreaking, nipping, chewing, and jumping problems, all while commiserating with other hapless puppy owners. Puppy class includes an introduction to basic puppy obedience, as well as socialization and group play time for the little ones.

Our puppy class includes learning age-appropriate behaviors in a fun, relaxed environment, design to introduce your puppy to basic skills that will set the foundation for later learning.. We’ll focus on getting your pup’s attention, sit, down, stay, and polite greetings. We tackle common problem puppy behaviors like jumping, nipping and mouthing, and begin work on loose-leash walking and coming when called.

Private Puppy Training

While we always recommend group classes for puppies, so that they can benefit from socialization, half-hour private training sessions can also be useful to provide extra guidance with any problem behaviors, as well as giving you the flexibility of planning training around your own schedule. They’re also great for puppies too old for kindergarten. Puppies will learn basic obedience in and around the house, with on and off-leash control. You will learn how to effectively communicate with your puppy and problem-solve basic behavior problems like jumping, housebreaking, barking, and nipping. Private puppy training sessions are always half-an-hour long (because puppies don’t have the world’s greatest attention spans!), and suitable for all puppies under the age of 6 months.

Price: $140/4 pack