Fun Dog Classes

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Adventure Treks

We are offering group pack adventures. We specialize in dog socialization and offer full service dog pack adventures. Dogs receive excellent socialization, exercise and positive training in our program. We are a social club for dogs where each member is carefully screened for suitability within the pack. Our group walks and/or hikes are 1-2 hours long. Our packs can consist of dogs of all ages and sizes. We normally hike 2-4 miles depending on the physical requirements of each pack. We enjoy hiking at our local regional Parks including Manito Park, Mirabeau Park, and many various trails throughout our community.

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Price: FREE


We are now offering Beginning Nosework classes. Inspired by and influenced by the training of working detection dogs, K9 Nosework is a fun search and scenting activity for virtually all dogs. It provides a safe way to keep dogs fit and healthy through mental and physical exercise. Dogs are introduced to the basics of the search games through the use of boxes and their favorite treat reward or a toy if they are very “toy driven”. This class is focused on building the dog’s confidence to search and solve problems independently while exposing the dog to various environmental challenges as they learn to focus on searching. The difficulty will increase at whatever rate is appropriate for the dog. Because dogs are worked individually, we customize as needed.

Price: $500/6 week course


Dog handlers in our first class will learn Scent Theory, how to work with their dog to optimize their instinctual tracking abilities, and to learn to “read” their dogs signs during the track. The tracking class will be taught based on AKC Tracking regulations and, upon successful completion, the team is well versed in the requirements for the AKC TD title testing. Tracking includes single, double and triple lay tracks, as well as aged tracks, up to 30 minutes old. All tracking is done over natural open terrain.

Please watch our Calendar for upcoming dates & locations

Price: $500/6 week course

After completion of the first Tracking class our second class is designed for the student that wishes to pursue Human Search and Rescue working in tandem with their dog. This class works on tracking up to 600 yards over hard paved terrain in an urban or simulated urban environment. In this class students are taught the differences in ground and air scenting and how to read their dog in either situation.

Shed Hunting Class

The Shed Introduction is a key step in starting a companion shed hunting dog. This program is designed to bring out and enhance your dog’s natural retrieving instincts. In this program your dog will be introduced to shed antlers, as well as an evaluation for further training. All phases of this program are positive and fun. We will not work on obedience in this program because we want to bring out the drive and natural desire of each individual puppy.

Price: $495 per dog

Puppy and Doggy Gym

Using equipment you’d find in a human gym, your dog will learn core control and develop athleticism, balance, and strength. Perfect for dogs recovering from injuries, senior dogs, or those dogs that could stand to lose a few pounds.

Please watch our Calendar for upcoming dates & locations

Price: $25/drop-in class