Private Dog Classes

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Private Classes

Prior to training we sit down with you and your dog to conduct an evaluation. During the evaluation you will complete a canine questionnaire so we can gather information about your dog's behavior, previous training, and personality type. We will ask what your vision or goals are for your dog and discuss various ways to best accomplish the goals of that vision. Our K9 Trainers can tailor instruction to perfectly suit your needs. This is also a great option for dogs that have social issues or act aggressively around other dogs or strangers.

Our trainers will go one-on-one with you and your dog to help you with the skills your dog will need to master to make a life-changing difference. You must first realize that change is often required for both dog and human. We will also ask owners to practice at home between each training session. A strong commitment on your part to practice several times a day is necessary for real change to be effective. The number of lessons required will be determined by the owner's goals, and the dog's temperament and learning curve. Results are also contingent on the ability of the owner to invest time and energy to achieve the desired results. In our Private Lesson package we suggest that you take part in our socialization group class once obedience reliability has been established. Social class is designed for you and your dog to practice newly learned skills in a higher distracting, controlled environment.

Price: $300 initial evaluation & training (your location); $250 initial evaluation & training (PCA Training Facility); $150/hour at non-PCA location or $125/hour at PCA Training Facility; $500/4 pack at away location, or $400/4 pack at PCA

Mileage could apply, depending on location

Peaceful Walks

Do you struggle with your dog on walks? Are you getting pulled? Does your dog lunge, bark or react to every passing dog or person?

This class will show you how to train your dog to walk politely next to you without marking, pulling, lagging or making an embarrassing scene. You will learn and understand the concepts of thresholds, auto sits and the importance of your body language and energy. This class is Two 75 minute sessions, the first one done within our training center and the second in a real world environment. You will learn not to wait to make your walk a pleasant experience for you and your dog.

Price: $300
  •  Indoor training at a client house

    Indoor training at a client house

  •  Outdoor training at a client home

    Outdoor training at a client home